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S03E22: ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ – A Charmed episode review by Georgi Velkov

A chill. A doctor. Two sisters in danger. A demon crashing his way into the Halliwell manor. That’s how Season 3, Episode 22, of the American TV drama Charmed (1998-2006), starts.    This TV show is a significant part of my childhood and seven years ago, I rewatched it, for the sake of reliving all my fond memories, connected with it. I had no idea what an emotional rollercoaster I was getting myself into. Charmed tells the story of three initially estranged sisters – Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell, who, in the pilot episode, learn that they’re ‘The Charmed Ones’; […]

Spiritfarer: A Heartwarming Exploration of Grief

Written by H. Champion When I first heard of Thunder Lotus Games’ ​Spiritfarer​, I admittedly wasn’t expecting much. I hadn’t played a 2D platformer game in almost a decade and on the surface, the storyline didn’t seem ​that ​compelling. Nevertheless, stunning visuals and amusing dialogue led me to believe ​Spiritfarer​ would provide decent, mindless entertainment. I was dead wrong. Right from the get-go the game strikes you with beautiful scenery, imaginative character design and some of the most charming animation I’ve ever seen. These aspects alone make the game appealing, but it truly is the narrative that spoke to me. […]

Mieruko-Chan Volume 1 by Tomoki Izumi: A Review

Written By Joey Sharpe What would you do if one day you woke up and could see horrifying monsters nobody else could see? For Miko, she decides to ignore them and to pretend they are not really there – an endeavour that gets increasingly hard as they invade her life and her personal space. A creepy horror manga with hints of humour throughout, reading the first volume Mieruko-Chan will entertain and delight. The story, slow and unsettling in this first volume, sets up this new world that Miko finds herself engulfed it, surrounded by abominations in the most bizarre and […]

Snapdragon by Kat Leyh: A Review

Written by Joey Sharpe  Ghosts, witches, and magic are what can be found in the wonderful world within Kat Leyh’s graphic novel Snapdragon– a mysterious and creative story of cursed foxes, skeleton articulation, and exorcising roadkill spirits. The eponymous protagonist, nicknamed Snap for short, discovers how to harness energy and use its power after she befriends the local witch, Jacks- who’s hobbies include reassembling animal skeletons to sell on the internet. Long lost connections between Snap’s family and Jacks are revealed over the course of the narrative, binding the two characters together on a strange and sensational journey of discovery […]

Lore By Alexandra Bracken: Hunt or Be Hunted

A Review By Marte Lind To all Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson fans out there, this might be the next read for you. Before Bracken’s story about Lore (Melora), I only knew her from her series The Darkest Minds which I admittedly had trouble immersing myself into. Lore on the other hand grabbed hold of me from the first page and never let go. I read the first two thirds of this novel in one go and only put it down because I had to eat (and I may have forgotten about it for two days because I have the attention […]

True Beauty (여신강림) – A (mid) series review

Author: Aline Bruck Trigger warning: Suicide, Bullying True Beauty (2020) is a relatively new K-Drama adaptation of the popular Webtoon series by Yaongyi.  The main focus of the webcomic and the series, lies on Lim Ju-Kyung, an eighteen-year-old Korean girl and her struggle to balance both her personal and academic life, while simultaneously falling in love with two strikingly handsome young men.   I admit that on a very superficial level, this literally sums up the contemporary, very stereotypical romance K-Drama / webcomic, but once you have read the webcomic, or watched more than the first episode, you find out […]

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